Our focus is on easing data driven marketing for you

Seu parceiro digital modo eZ (easy)

Nossa paixão é simplificar o trabalho de agências, anunciantes e veículos, trazendo o modo eZ (easy) para o seu cotidiano.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sofistication. Da Vinci's quote is more important than ever: we want everybody to use AdTech and Martech to grow a business and offer people solutions for necessities they have."

Lucas Reis, CEO da Zygon



Data Driven Marketing


Trading Desk - StartUp Beta no WebSummit (Lisboa)


Programmatic Full Stack - ScaleUp Endeavor (NE)


AdTech - IAB partnership


Ad & Intelligence - Integrated Services | Worldwide presence

Our leaders

Lucas Reis

CEO da Zygon

Marilia Duarte

Head of programatic

Urbano Sampaio

Chief Strategy officer

Discover our Expertise

Programmatic Media

Use automatic media to target your audience using different segmentations like behavioral, geo, purchase intent, income, etc, in different formats, like display, video, social and rich media. We can implement your trading desk; you can outsource your programmatic operation with us or just count on the support of our experts.

Audience & Analytics

Manage your audience and understand their different behaviour in your digital platforms, offering a better experience for users and improving your communication's efficiency. We can implement Web Analytics Tools and DMPs; make the daily operations of these solutions or be the expert your team needs to get the most of these tools.

Data & BI

Gather your data, consolidate it in a unique warehouse, analyse and visualize them. We offer ETL solutions and Data warehouse structurations. Besides that, our data analysts go deep in these data to get BI insights, create IA based modelings and insightfull visualizations for your technical and managerial team see what is important for them.

Technology Partners


This is the best moment in history to be in Adversiting and Marketing industry. We have the best tools to offer an excellent and relevant customer experience, and a profitable and strategic business operation. Current data, technology and media solutions allow professionals to have the hugest impact in society in human history.

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